Amida Trust

Amida Trust is a registered charity in the UK whose aims are centred on spreading the Buddhist dharma.

In the past, the Trust carried out its aims through supporting the Amida Order and Amida Shu, a Pureland Buddhist tradition, in various locations around the world. The Amida community encompassed a wide and creative network of spiritually inclined ordinary people from many orientations. Out of this rich diversity arose devotional, inspirational, educational, social, community, campaigning, and cultural projects.

More recently, the Trust has focussed on work in the United Kingdom, supporting the Amitabha Fellowship at Bright Earth Buddhist Temple in Malvern (, but also continues to support the work of the Amida Shu (

Formal Announcement

This statement is a formal confirmation of disassociation and separation from Dharmavidya David Brazier, who was the founder of Amida Trust. Amida Trust has no current working or other relationship with Mr Brazier and has resolved to have no contact or dealings with Mr Brazier in the future. This statement formalises an arrangement already in place.

Amida Trust is a registered charity in the UK: 1060589